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Samsung Galaxy S5′s fingerprint scanner has already been hacked

THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 fingerprint sensor can be easily hacked, security researchers have revealed, placing owners’ devices and Paypal accounts at risk. The Galaxy S5, which we review in the video below, is the first Samsung phone to feature a fingerprint…

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Try this Now! Chrome Remote Desktop App Accesses PCs from Android Devices

This is pretty great: today, Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices that makes accessing your desktop PC or Mac remotely supremely easy. It’s exactly what it sounds like: any compatible Android device can access a PC or Mac…

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Sheepshead has Human teeth

The sheepshead, Archosargus probatocephalus, is a marine fish that grows to 30 in (760 mm), but commonly reaches 10 to 20 in. It is deep and compressed in body shape, with 5 to 6 dark bars on the side...

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Stylish Bicycle Panties Make Bike Commuting Painless (w/ video)

Christiana Guzman is a fashion designer and avid cyclist, and has come up with a fantastic new product that she hopes will enable more women to enjoy bicycle commuting than ever before. They’re URBANIST Cycling’s Chamois Panties – stylish, good…

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According to URBAN DICTIONARY an underboob is a cleavage visible from the part of the shirt that covers the bottom of the female breasts.There are many, many different types of cleavage, but the one that seems to...

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Online-addicted Korean man arrested over son’s death

South Korean police said Tuesday they had arrested a man for allegedly allowing his infant son to starve to death while spending days playing online games at Internet cafes. The 22-year-old man surnamed Chung was arrested Monday after the badly decomposed…

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‘Captain America’ commands North American box office

Superhero sequel “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” maintained the top rank at the North American box office this weekend, estimates showed Sunday. The latest big-screen blockbuster featuring the iconic Marvel superhero took in $41.4 million, figures…

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Report: Amazon Smartphone to Offer 3D Visuals via Four Front Cameras?

The last we’d heard about Amazon’s rumored smartphone, it was said to sport six front-facing cameras, all there to allow users to interact with the device via gestures rather than just touch. Over the weekend, a report in the Wall Street Journal…

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How flies avoid the swat: they act like fighter jets

When scared, fruit flies bank the same way fighter jets do, tilting and rolling through the air, but they do it quicker than the blink of an eye, US researchers said Thursday. The findings in the journal Science suggest that flies may be relying on…

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