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Focus Up: Meet the Lytro Illum, a $1,600 Super-Camera

When the original Lytro camera was first announced back in 2011, many predicted it would present a major shakeup to the camera industry as a whole. It didn’t, but you wouldn’t be blamed for making that mistake, since the $400 to $500 device utilized…

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Report: Amazon Smartphone to Offer 3D Visuals via Four Front Cameras?

The last we’d heard about Amazon’s rumored smartphone, it was said to sport six front-facing cameras, all there to allow users to interact with the device via gestures rather than just touch. Over the weekend, a report in the Wall Street Journal…

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Want 3 New Video Games for $36 Each? Head to Target with Your Smartphone

This is a public service announcement for anyone looking to pick up some new video games on the cheap. This past week, Target has been running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion on video games for pretty much any system. That’s not a bad deal itself; if…

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Report: Google “About to Launch” Android TV

Last week Amazon finally ended months of rumors when the company unveiled Fire TV, a tiny black square box that plugs into your television and streams content from the web. As it happens, Amazon’s long-awaited entry into your living room space was…

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Leaked Photos Expose High-End, Premium Samsung Handset

In the weeks since its reveal, and just before it goes on sale to the public, it seems that the bloom has fallen off the Samsung Galaxy S5’s rose. Most tech writers and critics have thrown their interest behind the HTC One M8 in terms of Android handsets…

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Broadcast Your World with Livestream for Google Glass

Google Glass may be still in the “explorer” stage, limited strictly to only those who Google deems worthy enough to get one of the early pre-production ready units. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing some pretty incredible things with…

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Samsung Unveiled New Galaxy Tab4 Line While No One Was Paying Attention

As you probably know by now, April Fool’s Day tends to be something of a lousy day to try and catch up on news via the Internet, with websites deciding that they can GETCHA with their clever articles and fake reports. The result, of course, is tons…

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