Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 – Why you should give it a chance

Windows Surface RT with Windows 8 has just been released in 8 countries as pre-order only and the lowest config without the bundled cover/keyboard has reportedly sold out.

If you are a person who hesitates to try or buy anything other than what the masses are using, then this post is to help you out a little.

Apple has been dominant and has been credited for creating the tablet market. Google followed with their Nexus 7 and Windows with theSurface.

But here is what I think will make the difference: The Surface Pro

Why? Quite simply because I look at the bulky desktops and All-in-ones out in the market today and look at the iPad and can’t help but think that the future is now. We are looking at a transition phase where everyone is mobile, traveling, accessing internet anywhere and everywhere. This ubiquitous nature of computing of today is set to be the standard across the world within the next 5 – 10 years. As more and more people get access to proper technology the gap becomes narrower.

We tend to think of the market as saturated. But this can never be true. If you think in terms of an average household, the benefits a mobile pc (yes, Apple and Google stuff is included in this category) can bring is unlimited. For education, entertainment, work and other everyday use the mobile pc is the perfect solution. It liberates the user. It makes the computer more personal. Therefore, what we are seeing today is the REAL PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Windows 8 is good (having used it since the Developer preview I see its plus points). Don’t believe what you read in the media which is strangely Pro-Apple and somewhat Pro-Google. Apple are no longer the underdogs that everybody used to secretly or not so secretly support to throw some punches at the big bully Microsoft.

But Microsoft, famously lacking the “cool” factor has changed things. With the release of their Windows Phone 8 and the Surface it suddenly has that missing ingredient. It too is “cool” now as no one can deny that what they did with the Surface, is brilliant. They beat Apple at coming up with a simple solution to, what I think, is annoying about other tablets. The kick stand and the touch and type cover is good and immediately reminds me of the times I struggled with the iPad covers and keyboards. And I always prefer the keyboard to touching the screen to type due to the annoyance of fingerprints and also the size of the virtual keyboard.

The Surface and the Surface Pro makes the tablet a Productive mobile pc. This is what we’ve all (or maybe it’s just me?) been trying to do, by buying accessories and apps on the iPad and Android devices. The Surface will be productive out of the box (If you buy the cover together with it). With Office pre-installed, you immediately have a tablet that will actually let you do your assignments and format your document to an acceptable standard and the best part is that you can connect USB devices (Flash Drives and Printers anyone?) and a HDMI display without having to buy additional accessories or finding creative ways to do it. The SD card (Videographer/Photographer high-five!) slot is another feature that will make it productive NOW without having to worry about future standards.

The iPad expects you to wait to be productive. It will add things at Apple’s pace (historically and currently slow) and will always be behind. The Surface won’t be.

But here is the great thing about all this. You have a choice now. You can choose between a few quality tablets as opposed to just one.

Ultimately there will be no perfect tablet that satisfies everyone, but I can see that pushing people to own all of them down the road as they all have great features and ecosystems that work well.

Windows 8 shines on a tablet (which is what it’s meant for) but you still have the comfort of falling back to the familiar desktop. You can use full-fledged software and apps and this gives you the best of both worlds in one (expensive!) package. Think Macbook Air + iPad =Microsoft Surface Pro. I will be getting one because I want to get rid of the desktop I am using. It’s an evolution of the Microsoft PC and it’s only going to get better.

The Microsoft Surface is now available for pre-order on

by Imran,
October 19th 2012

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