A Good Day to Die Hard

There are several movies that should not have anymore sequels (or prequels).

Die Hard is one of them.

Today, I watched (or attempted to watch) the fifth installment of the Die Hard series. 10 mins into it, I was already out of it. Bruce Willis isn’t taking this series seriously anymore, he looks bored throughout the movie. He is just doing this s*** for the paycheck.

The one-liners that are supposed to be witty and funny, feel forced and don’t help the proceedings. The action is over the top. So is the confusion. I lost the plot, and didn’t care anymore, very early into the movie.

Something about Russians, father and son issues, vacation gone bad? I didn’t give a f***. This movie is badly shot. Director John Moore isn’t ready for this. To be honest, I didn’t watch any of his earlier works, and after this, I do not want to.

I am not against franchises that go on and on. The Fast and Furious franchise, for example, is becoming better.

There is already another confirmed sequel titled “Die Hardest” in the works and if it’s anything like the one I just watched, then they should take a hint from the title.

Here are some other sequels that I think shouldn’t exist:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 5
  • 21 Jump Street 2
  • Indiana Jones 5
  • Terminator 5

Feel free to add to the list.

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