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Iron Man 3 and Anxiety Attacks

I grew up reading comic books. I like super-hero’s and cartoons even now. I still read comic books on my iPad. Super hero’s are really super and powerful with little...

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How Apple Lost It’s “Cool Factor”

When I was kind (of 8 years old) I remember my dad (a computer engineer of the 80’s) and a friend of his partnered together to be the sole distributor...

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How I Started Smoking to Stop

I actually had my first try at smoking a cigarette with my father’s stash of a carton of MILD SEVEN the Japanese cigarette brand that was actually gifted to him...

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How the ASUS Tab gave me 3 days

I have an iPad which was a gift from my father-in-law back in 2010 when it was “just launched”. That iPad is still going strong and long (battery life). The...

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