Identity Thief

Today I watched Identity Thief. The title is pretty much self explanatory and it is exactly what you think it is.

The movie falls under the comedy genre, but laughs did not come often enough to make it feel like it belonged there. It falls into a trap of trying to make you feel sorry for this woman who goes around stealing identities.

While the movie is mildly entertaining, it misses more than it hits. There are some strange out of place serious scenes mixed in with the funny stuff.

The lead character played by Bateman (Arrested Development) is basically a family man named Sandy who is struggling to make ends meet. An opportunity arises for him to join a new company but in order to do so he must first clear his name. You see, the identity thief Diana (McCarthy) used his name to do all sorts of bad things and because of this he has cancelled credit cards, arrest warrant, etc.

So, Sandy (Bateman) decides to bring this identity thief back to the company and have the police record a confession from her. He plans to do this by guilt tripping Diana all the way back from Miami, where Diana is on a spending spree.

And that is the whole premise of the movie. The ending is supposed to be heart warming, but it ends up being predictable and doesn’t quite work.

There are some laughs to be had here though and if you have nothing better to watch, you can definitely try and sit through this one. It just might keep you interested long enough for the credits to roll. It is a forgettable movie and you definitely won’t be missing anything if you skip this and watch something else.

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