How to have Fun with iStripper

Download the first and only software that titillates your senses and triggers your desire. VirtuaGirl 4 Adult Desktop Stripper Software is now iStripper HD Video. London, England.

The new software comes with better features and enhanced eroticism with wild strippers performing XXX actions right on your desktop.

iStripper is software unlike anything seen before – its proprietary technology provides real dancers, and using an advanced video inlay, puts them directly onto the computer’s desktop. Beautiful erotic dancers in ultra-HD resolution seduce and delight with sexy personalized shows right on the taskbar.

For maximum fun and pleasure disable the “Progressive Hotness” option under settings > full screen.

iStripper ( is changing the face of erotic entertainment by bringing the VIP “Champagne Room” strip club experience to personal computers.

Features for iStripper include free non-nude previews, customized screensavers, up to 10 girls on-screen at once, catch/drag/drop performers onto any window on the desktop, over 2,000 shows, SFW options, etc. The free downloadable software is fully accredited by Norton Security and contains no adware, spyware, or malware of any kind. Registration is free and there is no purchase required to preview.

iStripper’s parent company, VirtuaGirl, has been successfully delivering adult entertainment for over a decade. They are at the forefront of adult technology, including filming in 4K since 2013, the first in the industry to do so. Their reputation for providing reliable, secure adult technology is why they celebrate continued success in developing programs that feed desires and pleasure. iStripper looks to reinvent the striptease and provide a fully integrated, digitally advanced and sexually arousing experience. –

The following are some tips and tricks to get the most climax and maximum fun out of iStripper girls :

Download iStripper from the website, then purchase some girls from the XXX category. Girls from other category may not use dildos.

STEP : 2

Go to “My Collections” and choose a girl to dance and strip on your desktop.

STEP : 3

iStripper now allows its users to zoom to 200% which transforms the strippers to almost life like size.

STEP : 4

Choose your erotic level from this drop down which can be found under your “settings menu. Check on XXX only to have the maximum fun with the girls.

STEP : 5

Make sure that the Progressive Hotness is disabled so that the XXX erotic level can be “enabled” on your iStripper software.

STEP : 6

All the features shown and mentioned above are all under the “Settings” menu in the new iStripper.

STEP : 7

Enable “Sounds” under All Levels so you can hear your iStripper moan and talk sexy to you.

STEP : 8

Have FUN! 🙂

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