The Italian Born Adult Comic Book Artist

Milo Manara has no problem letting us into his wild world of endulgent artwork. The italian born artist made his comics debut in 1969 drawing for Genius, a Fumetti neri series of pocket books from publisher Furio Vanio. He continued his sexual revolution through the seventies with a strong world wide underground following.

Milo Manara is someone whose place in comics has become increasingly under attack, ever since he had the temerity to draw Spider-woman’s butt. Suddenly interviews of his were being google translated to an outraged internet, and people were demanding the removal of the offensive art from the cover of their hallowed Marvel superhero comics.

He made his mark in the U.S. with his the graphic novel “The Ape”, which was featured in HEAVY METAL magazine in the early 1980’s, continuing his legacy and distict style across the comic world. These days he continues to do work shown around the world, including a special edition comic for Marvel’s X-Men, called X-Woman. (Insert eye roll here)

Learn more about Milo at his official website.

One of the things that is interesting with Manara is how rarely he will draw penetration in sex.  He’s not really interested in sex per se, with these comics—so much as he is interested in the joy of sex, the emotion of sex—so he doesn’t focus on the bodily functions of sex, so much as he focuses on faces.

If you can break down a Manara comic and illustrate to someone the insidious nature of rape culture—then I think that’s great, and you should.  But where it gets problematic for me is when we start moralizing porn.  We start telling people what they should and should not be turned on by, as if that is any kind of way of actually addressing anything.  The difference between porn comics and reality is that porn comics are just lines on a page, and reality is well, reality.  Porn SHOULD explore taboo.


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