How Chaturbate runs on OhMiBod

OhMiBod is a company name used as a collective reference to the whole family of remote controlled and/or musically-powered, today (2017) chiefly Bluetooth-driven, vibrating sex toys. The device originally translated an electronic music output into vibrations. The volume and beat of the music determines the strength of the vibrations.

Chaturbate is a popular adult website, that is a webcam site which launched in 2011 where amateurs livestream erotic or pornographic performances. Viewers are allowed to watch for free (with the exception of Private Shows), but pay money in the form of “tips” in order to see certain sex acts performed.

The type of girls Chaturbate have are all independent cam girls. They’re not studio based. They’ve having fun exploring their own sexuality and being creative. They view their chat rooms as they’re own little TV show.

Ohmibod is popularly used by Chaturbate webcam models, who program it to vibrate to the sound of online tips.

The OhMiBod vibrator seems to have literally taken over Chaturbate cams! Many cam girls use this vibrator which is responsive to tip sounds. This means that if someone tips a model on Chaturbate, which usually causes a ding noise to be heard on the chat room, the OhMiBod vibrator detects the Chaturbate ding noise, and as a result, vibrate over the genitals of the model using it making her orgasm several times.

It’s basically a vaginal WiFi antenna!

For now any one can watch Chaturbate’s streams. Click on, check the ‘I agree to the below terms’ box and there you; more bums and willies, as my mum would say, than you can shake a mop at. It is quite literally free-for-all.

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