Four Pornstars Dead in Three Months

A 20 year old pornstar named Olivia Nova has become the fourth porn star in the industry to die since November 2017. Pornstar’s August Ames, 23, Yuri Luv, 31, and Shyla Stylez, 35, all died in the last 90 days.

Singer and adult film actress Olivia Nova had lost her boyfriend to suicide just months before her death* taking her own life on Sunday. On Christmas day, she tweeted: “Alone on the holidays and want to give a fan a holiday call. Would lift my spirits.”

UPDATE*  The 20-year-old adult actress died after contracting sepsis from a ‘severe urinary tract infection that spread to her kidney’. Her cause of death was revealed (01/21/2018) in a news report, which also stated that she was found naked from the waist down as she was unable to put on panties due to severe infection and pain.

Olivia, whose real name was Lexi Rose Forde, had spoken publicly about her loss in December.

Friend Jimmie Romero said “Lexi Nova knew her days were limited, she was told in October by doctors. Nova was at a friend’s house trying to get sober. She had three days off of everything. She said she wanted to change her lifestyle – she looked in my eyes and said to me, ‘I want to stop and change my life. I have a family that loves me.'”

The young adult actress was found dead in Las Vegas on Sunday, according to reports. Nova was originally from Minnesota, US and had only begun her career in porn in March 2017.

She had performed for numerous adult film production houses including Brazzers, Naughty America, FTV Girls, New Sensations and Digital Sin. 


Shyla Stylez, 35
November 9, 2017
August Ames, 23
December 5, 2017
Yuri Luv, 31
December 13, 2017
Olivia Nova, 21
January 7, 2018


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    Money will never make an emotionally healthy people to expose themselves and be treated in inhumane ways. They use drugs with alcohol to kill off the pain they suffer from continuously. It is a shame these women kill themselves but there are thousands more (still alive) doing the same thing that are very emotionally damaging to both the mind, body & spirit.


    Perhaps it was because they gave themselves away to easily. Not having any respect for their bodies or themselves.

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