Savannah Woman Arrested for Using Sex Toy on Public Beach Was Murdered

Christina Revels-Glick, 34, of Savannah, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly masturbating on the beach.
Christina Revels-Glick, 34, of Savannah, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly masturbating on the beach.

Bodycam footage of the July 1, 2021 incident showed police placing the 36-year-old in handcuffs after another beachgoer reported the woman using her vibrator in public. The footage had more than 2.5 million views mere days after it was released.

Family members told the Daily Mail earlier this month that the 36-year-old had taken her own life eight months after her arrest.

Neighbours, however, insist the woman did not die by suicide but was killed following a dispute with a “boyfriend,” the Mail reported.

A downstairs neighbour believes he heard an attack involving Revels-Glick and a guy who was “there all the time.”

It was her landlord, Felicity Rollins, Rollins’ boyfriend, and family friend Gareth White who discovered the body, which had been decomposing for about 30 days.

“That smell just hits you. I knew there was something very wrong,” White recalled, describing how he noticed blood in the apartment before coming across Revels-Glick’s “bloated” body.

They immediately called police.

“There was a large amount of blood on the living room floor, two separate blood trails leading in both directions in the hallway, and blood [was] observed in the guest bedroom on a chair, desk and computer,” according to the incident report and crime scene photos, obtained by the publication.

The report noted a pistol found on the bed in the master bedroom and “a hole was also observed in the roof directly above the bed.” The woman had “an exit wound from a bullet on her forehead.”

William Oberlander, commander of Hinesville PD’s Criminal Investigations Divisions, told the Mail, “It was not a normal suicide. If it was a suicide.”

He added: “We don’t know if she shot herself on purpose or if she shot herself accidentally.”

Revels-Glick did not die immediately, Oberlander said.

“I believe the injury she sustained… didn’t kill her instantly and simply with the shock and trauma of that, she got up, she probably couldn’t see or was fairly hindered in what she could see, and she either tried calling for help or tried to do something [to stop the bleeding]. But there was just a tremendous amount of blood.”


He added: “Maybe she was thinking about [suicide] or maybe she was just playing with the gun. It’s clear based on the history we did of her that she had a few problems and a few things in her life she would have probably changed if she could.”

Oberlander admitted that he could see why someone who saw the body and where it was found would believe she was attacked.

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