Komputar – Fixing I.T. the Right way

Affordable Home-Care + Business Computer & I.T. Services
for Windows based Laptop & Desktop only 

Why pay brands and franchise hundreds of dollars for repair
when you can get your Computers fixed on the same day (including Saturday & Sunday) for $55* only at Komputar.
Computer Repair service available in Jacksonville Florida area only.

*minimum charge applies to level 1 repair jobs only

If your Computer Repair is costing you more than $500 at a professional repair service outlet –
it’s best to get a New Computer
(a much cheaper option) and do a data transfer instead!

FREE ON-SITE DIAGNOSTIC! ($25 for paper quote)

HOME CALL OR BUSINESS CALL COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL $10 ONLY ! (Jacksonville FL area 10 miles radius – $3 each additional mile)

If someone is charging you $55 for hours (or $165 maximum**) worth of IT work, GET IT DONE. Technical work has become easier with the evolution of Computer Technology. Think of your iPad or an Android tablet maintenance compare to your Desktop PC. It’s safe to say that someone charging you next to nothing is NOT trying to “RIP YOU OFF”.

Why use Komputar?

I offer a flat rate of $55 (+$10 for drop-off) for all kinds of computer repairs, PC only. The minimum cost is always $55 (+$10 for drop-off) and the maximum bill is never over $165 (per computer) no matter how complex the problem. If you are not sure what is wrong with your computer and you need to determine or identify the problem then you can always use my on-site diagnostic service for FREE of charge. To use the FREE service just pick up the phone and give me a call.

Is cheap computer repair worth it?

Trying to find a good computer repair technician is a constant juggle between quality and affordability. The expensive repair services are trying to rip off customers by making them believe that computer technology has not advanced or evolved since the days of Windows XP. The fact is computers now a days are so advanced that they have the capabilities to self-repair or self-heal (like Windows S or 10 & Chrome OS).

Originally from the Indian sub-continent – I.T. is my passion.Ever since I graduated in Computer Science I have been working with computers for the last 19 years. I was also the I.T. manager of a renowned US off-shore multinational company for 5 years managing a team of talented coders working for YAHOO, IBM and Cisco.

The following are the definition of repair level 1,2 and 3 ;

Stage Repair Type Definition  Rate  Type
Level 1 Software / Hardware Simple software/hardware set-up, plug-in, network hook-up and Internet connection fixed @ $55
Level 2 Software / Hardware Moderate to Critical software/hardware trouble-shooting  @ $65 or $85 or $125
Level 3 Software / Hardware Complex software/hardware trouble-shooting @ $22 an hour

The following are the Service Rates (Charged by the job, not by the hour) for repair level 1
& 2 only ;

Device Type Repair Type Rate*
Desktop Computer PC / Windows S or 10 Software /


$55 lo / $125 hi
Desktop Computer Windows Vista, 7 & 8 Software $65
Laptop Computer PC / Windows Software /
$55 lo / $125 hi
Laptop Computer Chrome OS Software $65
Chromebook Chrome OS Hardware $125

Software only for Laptops and Software + Hardware repair for Desktops and Chromebook
inclusive of optimization and troubleshooting. * plus $5 for drop-off rates apply to Jacksonville FL area only.

  • Flat rate of $55 per PC computer. (Non-Critical Repair Windows S or 10) *
  • Flat rate of $65 per PC computer. (Critical Repair Windows 7, 8.1, 10 / Vista) *
    * less $10 if OS is Windows 10 and additional $10 if OS is Windows XP, 2000, 98 or 95
  • Flat rate of $125 per Chromebook (hardware) repair. Parts not inclusive.
  • Flat rate of $125 per PC Laptop (full-hardware) repair. Parts not inclusive.

FREE second service within a week (conditions apply*)
*only one visit, must be the same job/problem previously addressed

**Please Note : Some computer repair work may fall under the per hour ($22) rate instead of the fixed rate cost ($55-$125)
depending on the complexity, problem level and the length of repair time.

Need a quick & efficient plus affordable by all WEBSITE?

The following are the Service Rates (of a personal website) for Graphic Design & Online Services (Charged by the job, not by the hour)

Service Provided Type Service Type Rate*
Website WordPress Setup /


Website WiX / webydo Setup /


Domain & Hosting cPanel Setup /
Email Marketing HTML / eDM Design /

Email Blast

Facebook / Google + Social Media Page Design /


Card / Pad/ Logo Design Photoshop / illustrator Graphic
Design only


*for website content each page is charged at $22 (per hr), so for a 6 page website the total cost would be $335+$165+$132 = $632 [ provided domain name is already registered coupled with annual hosting service + the logo & graphics are already in workable digital format ]. If you are looking to build a Business website or an e-commerce / inventory / database website please use the REQUEST A QUOTE form below.

Click here for some Samples of my Graphic & Web Design materials.

Need additional I.T. services?

Service (Specializing in residential & small businesses for $22 an hour or flat rate) includes but are not limited to :

  • Computer Restoration
  • Computer Upgrades
  • DATA Recovery Service (minimum of 8 hours)
  • On-Site/In-House Repair
  • LAN Troubleshooting
  • Network Security Auditing
  • Hardware/Software Installation and Upgrades
  • Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal (minimum of 10 hours)
  • Virus Software Installation and Tune-ups
  • PC, Mac or Chromebook Tune-ups
  • WINDOWS 7 Upgrades (minimum of 8 hours)
  • WINDOWS 10 Downgrades (minimum of 8 hours)
  • Cloud Transfer & Backup

   Special Services at a flat rate of $22 and or Free / Fixed Rate where applicable

  • FREE Pickup & Delivery service of Computers & Laptops (if less than 2 miles)
  • New PC ordering & setup (with data transfer from old to new PC)
  • Wireless Setup of Local Network, Internet & Printer’s
  • Network & file sharing between Multiple Computer’s
  • Backup & full system recovery (if applicable) [ minimum of 8 hours ]
  • Scanners, Cameras & Imaging devices, installation of parts & troubleshooting
  • DATA Entry job per page (or per hour when applicable)
  • Youtube Video Creation & Editing / Channel Promotions
  • Facebook Marketing


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