Hi. I'm Omar Saif.

A self-proclaimed blogger & a computer repair technician, a free, fully responsive HTML5 site which can be used to utilize my services and can be found here komputar.com. I also try to design web-sites keeping in pace with the ever-changing world of the ever new Informative Technology Age.

Learn about what I do

I design and build amazing things (or try to).

To save Your money and time I divide my work in the following catagories.

I speak good English

I believe communication is the key to any successful work or venture, so the better the communication skills the better the relationship with you and your work.

I try to keep my profit margin LOW and your profit margin HIGH

A good business is when you make money out of your investment and then some, so profit is the key.

I keep in touch with all my clients

I try to build a relationship based on trust and frienship and I do not like the idea of "customer and client", the terms are too harsh and not fair for the pace of work progress in this Informative Technology field.

Good work makes everyone happy :)

So here is a gallery of the work that I have done so far, feel free to choose a theme for yourself from any.

Article Blog

A news website published using thw WP app on the iPad..

Romanian Singer

I am a big fan of Alexandra Stan the singer from Romania.

The Queen of Pop

A website designed using the long gone Flash software about Madonna.


e-newsdigest was an online tech news magazine maintained by myself since 2001.

Want to hire me? Get in touch!

My dollar rate per hour is $25 USD (minimum 4 hours orders) and I use PayPal only.