Nun Gang-raped in India

A nun in her 70’s was gang-raped in front of school pupils while trying to stop a robbery in a Christian missionary school in eastern India. The nun was bleeding from her...

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Tarzana movie review

The daughter of Sir Donovan is believed dead with her mother and other relatives in a plane crash in the African jungle. Fifteen years later, vague reports arrive in Europe...

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Netflixxx to stream porn

Netflix have decided to stream adult entertainment (porn movies) movies. The decision was made after executives began realizing that the porn video market was actually lacking an official video streaming...

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Why did Avijit Roy go back to Bangladesh?

American atheist blogger, Avijit Roy, who spoke out against religious extremism and intolerance has been hacked to death in Bangladesh. The news media around the world is giving coverage to...

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Badlapur – Renewed faith on Bollywood

Bollywood has done it again. Bollywood has shocked me successfully again. And I love it! I like movies that gives a lasting impression in my memory. Movies of which I...

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Stonehearst Asylum is for the Sane

I have not been watching Hollywood movies for awhile now. That would be because whenever I browse for movies on NETFLIX I select one and start to watch only to...

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"The abundant eroticism from which Mia profits comes from the idea of 'conquering' the mysterious, strange, different, exotic brown woman. Accessing these brown women is the dominant white man's fantasy and ultimate exertion of power."

Lebanese Porn Star Mia Khalifa receives Death Threats

A 21-year-old Muslim porn star is receiving death threats because she is a Muslim. A dispute that began between Mia Khalifa, of Florida, and her parents has exploded onto the...

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Plunging the entire Arab world ‘Back into the Dark Ages’

Known for her poise and beauty, Queen Rania (of Jordan) didn’t hold back in denouncing the barbaric and grotesque activities of the terrorist group Islamic State during a powerful address...

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Madonna – Living For Love (Djemba Djemba Club Mix)

– Pre-order the new album now! http://smarturl.it/RebelHeart MADONNA 164 total views, no views today

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Barakzai poses for a picture at the Kabul Cricket Stadium

Taliban threat dissolves Afghanistani Women Cricket team

A women’s cricket team established in 2010 was dissolved by the Afghan government this year due to continuous threats from the Taliban. “It does not exist,” said the newly appointed...

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