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Leaked Photos Expose High-End, Premium Samsung Handset

In the weeks since its reveal, and just before it goes on sale to the public, it seems that the bloom has fallen off the Samsung Galaxy S5’s rose. Most tech writers and critics have thrown their interest behind the HTC One M8 in terms of Android handsets…

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Samsung Unveiled New Galaxy Tab4 Line While No One Was Paying Attention

As you probably know by now, April Fool’s Day tends to be something of a lousy day to try and catch up on news via the Internet, with websites deciding that they can GETCHA with their clever articles and fake reports. The result, of course, is tons…

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Why Apple has an Ego problem

Why Apple has an Ego problem Apple has a big ego problem. Why I say that? Simply put when Apple launched the iPhone Samsung had no problem copying the design,technology and looks and making...

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