Month: August 2017

Why a Movie About Toilet is a Blockbuster Hit in India

India has the oldest civilization right along side China and some of the oldest culture. One of those cultures are least sort after and that is the open defecation habits of rural Indians. Apart from India being a poverty stricken third world country with a severe lack of public (and private) lavatories (toilet), one of the […]

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Suicide Rate “Sky-Rockets” in Bangladesh

Bangladesh scored 8th position in the list of high suicide-prone countries, as it witnessed nearly ten incidents of suicides among every 100,000 people, an official report of the World Health Organisation stated. According to a report by Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh published in 2015, around 7,000,000 people of Bangladesh are prone to suicide. […]

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