Letter to God

Dear God, Hope you are doing well up there. I am one of your creation, I am called a Human Being. As you already know human being’s are capable of reasoning and thought. So thank you for those gifts and intelligence to me which actually allowed me to compose this very letter to you. I […]

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Religion may just be a “Thought” – God has no Religion

Imagine two girls of same age, race and ethnic background. Now imagine one girl is a Christian and the other is a Muslim. Now imagine what if the Christian girl is not wearing a Cross or what if the Muslim girl is not wearing the Hijab. They are both wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. […]

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God had to “Test” it all out – or How else did God Derive to the Conclusion?

Every religion in the world states that man was created to worship God. God had created man and woman. God had created the Earth, the Sun and the entire Universe. All major religious books states this fact, but what the book’s does not tell me is How God “derived to the conclusion”. God created the […]

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