Demonic Realm of the Adult Film Industry

Every porn star has a direct demonic influence in his or her life. A person’s entrance into the porn industry is the gateway for this influence. Each person has a specific demon, or multiple demons, assigned to him or her. When several porn stars gather together on set to shoot a porn, all of those […]

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Nudity & Porn on Social Media

Some social network sites have strict rules on nudity (like Instagram, Facebook…), but not all social media sites are so puritanical. So which social media networks allow nudity and which do not ? Here a list, but check the terms before make an adult blog because the terms can change 1) Tumblr -> Yes nudity, […]

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Tarzana movie review

The daughter of Sir Donovan is believed dead with her mother and other relatives in a plane crash in the African jungle. Fifteen years later, vague reports arrive in Europe that a Kenyan tribe has elected a white woman as their queen, Tarzana (meaning ‘strange woman’ in Bantu), and Sir Donovan wants to believe she […]

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