Terrror Attack by the Islamic Sate in the Islamic State of Bangladesh

For years, Bangladesh has presented a paradox to outsiders. The small, densely packed South Asian nation is among the world’s poorest. It is often ranked as one of the world’s most corrupt places. Its political system has repeatedly been jolted by instability. And its territory is deeply vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Mega-quake’s […]

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Plunging the entire Arab world ‘Back into the Dark Ages’

Known for her poise and beauty, Queen Rania (of Jordan) didn’t hold back in denouncing the barbaric and grotesque activities of the terrorist group Islamic State during a powerful address to the Abu Dhabi Media Summit in the United Arab Emirates last November. The 44-year-old beauty queen spoke against the inhumane disgusting acts captured in […]

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Terror Strikes School Children

The nightmare in the military school of Peshawar Pakistan began (11 am) with a car exploding behind the school walls diverting the schools security guards’ attention. The terrorists gunmen then got over the wall one by one and ran through the class rooms where students of grades eight, nine and ten were having their late morning classes. Authorities stated […]

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