Cindy Dollar Bio Pic

Buxom and shapely 5’3″ brunette knockout Cindy Dollar was born on March 9, 1982 in the Czech Republic. Dollar worked as a secretary prior to … Read More ›

December 26, 2017

Having Fun with Anal Sex

Shame on Your Stinky Butt! At an early age, children are toilet trained and reprimanded for accidents. We’re quickly taught that dealings with the butt … Read More ›

September 29, 2017


Regular sexual activity, even with a dildo, can help maintain healthy vaginal tissues, especially at the onset of, during and post-menopause. Preventing vaginal atrophy should … Read More ›

August 4, 2017


Sex is credited with having many other health benefits. They’re not all scientifically proven because it’s difficult for researchers to measure the effects of sex … Read More ›

April 29, 2017