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My First FIFA on an App

I have been a FIFA fan since the 90′s. Since the final match of Argentina and Germany of 1991. That was the time I found out that football (soccer) and passion runs side by...

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Will Microsoft Bring Cortana to iOS & Android?

By all accounts, Microsoft’s answer to Siri, the Halo-themed digital assistant named Cortana, is a hit with fans of Windows Phone. It’s performing so well, in fact, that a new report says that Microsoft is considering bringing the software to competing…

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A counterfeit MicroSD is available for $5-$12, whereas an original MicroSD price cannot be lower than $25(USD). 1

Counterfeit microSD card wrecking havoc in android devices

MicroSD cards are must have things on any android based device that has an option for a microSD card slot. Recently there are a lot of android device crashing and burning (literally) making hardware...

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Free Office Suite from Kingsoft!

Are you a big fan of free stuff? If you are, then I have good news for you. With Microsoft moving to a subscription model for it’s Office 2013, it is a good time...

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