How the ASUS Tab gave me 3 days

I have an iPad which was a gracious gift from my father-in-law back in 2010 when it was “just newly launched”. That iPad is still going strong with a very long battery life (2017). The iPad has been like a true digital companion. It serves the purpose of a tab’s need and then some. The iPad (original) is an iPad.

Then my wife wanted a personal tab for herself, so I asked my brother – then residing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – to get her an ASUS tablet. He immediately inquired why we were asking for ASUS? I told him that my wife is using an ASUS laptop purchased from Venice Italy and it is still working like new even after 5 years of vigorous usage.

My brother was reluctant to get a cheap ASUS and very hesitant, but I insisted on getting the ASUS Memopad only. So he got one. The look and built of the Memopad is an exact copy of Google NEXUS tab (which is also coincidentally made by ASUS).

The operating system on the new ASUS was Android Jellybean. Then the nightmare – that was the ASUS – began from day one! It would constantly hang & freeze up! and the Android OS performed horrendously on the cheap ASUS compared to the iOS on the (very) expensive iPad. But the ASUS should “NOT” be compared to anything out there – the ASUS Memopad is a massive mess of it’s own faulty creation.

Then came the day (day 3) when it died on my hands literally. I was operating Google Plus on the ASUS and then suddenly the screen went blank. It never did come back to life. That was after 76 hours of the Memopad’s usage. My wife never could lay her hands on it at all as I could never finish setting it up completely.

As it so happens the ASUS service center in Dhaka Bangladesh does not support product replacement warranty. ASUS BD also reported that the entire motherboard of the Memopad crashed completely and the Android operating system in it has turned to brick!

Moral of the story – never ever get tablets that are cheap – specially the miserable ASUS.

Author: ecloudy

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