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My First FIFA on an App

I have been a FIFA fan since the 90′s. Since the final match of Argentina and Germany of 1991. That was the time I found out that football (soccer) and passion runs side by...

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Google Fiber Cleared to Set Up Shop in Portland, Oregon

The most anticipated Internet service in the land, Google Fiber, has now been cleared to operate in Portland, Oregon, courtesy of an approved franchise agreement by the Portland City Council. As part of this arrangement, Google Fiber can offer its standard…

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Google your own Street View 0

Google your own Street View

Google now allows users to create a 360 degree virtual tour Street View of any given place and share it using the Google Maps user account.These can be easily created by using photos taken by just...

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Google Patents the “Mark of the Beast” 0

Google Patents the “Mark of the Beast”

Google patenting an electronic ‘throat tattoo’ (SOURCE CNN.com) Google is working on a permanent electronic tattoo that would stick to the user’s throat or neck. Google has applied for the patent rights of this...

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How to Stop Googling Google

I have got to admit it, I am addicted to Google. I have been addicted to Google since Google.com came online back in I can’t remember when but ever since then I have been...

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Get Chrome

Customize your browser Personalize your Chrome browser by installing web apps, themes and extensions. Get Chrome for Mobile Browse fast and sign in to take your web with you on your computer, phone and...

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The google plus faults

The google plus faults The google plus is a fantastic social networking site. It’s intelligent,it’s got friend circles and works really bad on desktop mode on the iPad safari.that is correct,it’s a real mess...

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