The google plus faults

The google plus is a fantastic social networking site. It’s intelligent,it’s got friend circles and works really bad on desktop mode on the iPad safari.that is correct,it’s a real mess on the iPad safari so I am having a tough time working on the google plus when I am, mobile. I am mobile a lot these days with the iPad.


On the other hand Facebook works very well on the iPad, which in turn keeps me undecided to completely switch to google plus for now or even after a non-beta version is released. Google has somehow made the plus complex and hrs to use, which is something not social, social things are easy to use and easy on the grey matter.

Which may explain the lack of damsels in distress showing up in the g+. Geeks,bloggers and scientists may find the plus quite fascinating and spam bots may take full advantage of the plus by pretending to be a sexy damsel in distress who is lonely and looking for someone.

Which is already happening on the plus and it hasn’t even been released to the public yet! On Facebook at least you get the real social feeling and plus the subjects discussed on FB are not at all ‘geeky’.

Sorry Page but looks that way, though I myself a a geek.

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