No more panties in Uzbekistan

Women in the Uzbek Capital Tashkent will have to buy their underwear ‘under the counter’ from now on. The open sale of women’s smalls has been banned by the newly appointed head of the Sergelijsky district of the capital.

Local media say Otabek Sadykov took a walk through a local market and was shocked by the sight of bras and panties on sale. He immediately issued an order putting a stop to the display of women’s lingerie in shops. One of his minions is quoted as saying – ‘it’s improper for Uzbeks, if children see them’.

The local Consumer Rights organisation says there is nothing they can do to stop the order, even though it goes against the law. Shops selling lingerie in the Sergelijsky area have been closed down, as well as underwear sections in department stores.

So the authorities in Tashkent have turned women’s ‘unmentionables’ really into unmentionables, with there sale now illicit.

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Author: ecloudy

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