Why it took so long to ban tobacco and why it’s taking so long to admit to Global Warming

Findings about the harmful effects of tobacco was first discovered back in the 1950′s by some German and British scientists researching on the effects of cigarette smoking. It was not funded by any government bodies.

After the reports were published in a British journal the scientists were criticized immediately for falsifying a report based on assumption.


It took another 50 years to legally accept that tobacco does cause cancer and is very harmful for the human body. Why? Simple – greed. The greedy people of the giant tobacco industry, the greedy people of the government and the greedy people of the civilized civilians.

No one wanted to give up on a relaxing pleasure such as tobacco smoking. It was and still is fun to suck down on nicotine. F**k the body!

The same is happening with global warming. Scientists know what and how and when Earth will start to fail (weather wise for humans andit’s inhabitants) and finally give up on its balanced environment or the Eco-system.

Get in a room and lock it down, shut down any windows and a light fire (use caution in this live experiment). Then sit down and wait. Getting hotter? Difficult to breath? Well that’s what’s been going on since our recent ancestors invented the combustion engine and the turbine airplane engines. The engines invented are flawed big time and not at all environmental friendly.

They emit dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and they have been doing so for the last 70 years. We human beings have gotten so use to the life style, set by our not so smart ancestors, that we also keep ignoring the climatic events taking place right in front of our very eyes.Our dumb ancestors also made us dependent on fossil fuel. The poison that is slow poisoning planet Earth to death.

We consume oxygen to survive, so we need pure oxygen to live. If this oxygen is wholly depleted then bye bye human race and life on planet earth.

Greedy people love money, so for money they are willing to sacrifice a lot – in this case our home planet.

It’s high time that we start giving up on smoking carbon monoxide.


Author: ecloudy

I live in the United States, meditate, do Zen and help people find meaning to present day religious conflicts. Read my opinions (on religion) to find out how I changed my thoughts on life, religion and God - sharing my knowledge and life experiences with you, now doing so living in a country which destiny chose for me.