Hey Microsoft : What is the difference between 1, All-In-One and ONE?

WIKIPEDIA.org : 1 or One, sometimes referred to as unity, is the integer before 2 (two) and after 0 (zero). One is the first non-zero number in the natural numbers as well as the first odd number in the natural numbers.

The Xbox 1 or Xbox ONE is one confusing name for any new gadget in this decade. The name itself implies that people are fools and that they are too simple to understand the difference between numeric 1 and alphabetical ONE. We this is the very reason I don’t go to the Microsoft website, it’s just too complex for me to understand the “jargon’s” in the instruction and how-to part of the website. I am a Computer Science graduate with a major on The Internet.


I would rather Apple.com any day instead of Microsoft.com. The new Xbox ONE is just that, in this era of texting shortcut English any simpleton (like myself) would type 1 instead of ONE when Googling for the Xbox ONE. Only when my younger brother pointed out the mistake was I able to understand that Microsoft was actually trying to say ALL-IN-ONE and instead ended up with ONE.

It’s bad enough that you are making things complex for simpletons (again like myself) with your new Windows 8 and the very complex and unfriendly Microsoft.com (which people uses to update windows only hence its ranking and hits), now you have made your very fun Xbox console into something serious and unfriendly. Never mind the already failed exterior design of the 1970’s VCR look-alike!

Why not stick to the original X factor design that you had held on to for the Xbox 360? That had personality and character. It had the “X” factor. Now it will be known as the Xbox VCR.

Disgruntled Xbox 360 gamer.

Author: ecloudy

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