What happens when a Toyota Corolla Crashes

These are photos from Sri Lanka showing a Toyota Corolla 121 car in an accident in the Sri Lankan island A5 highway road between the Pollonnaruwa and Batticloa towns.


So from one of the photos provided one can observe that the over turned Indian lorry truck (Indian Ashok Leyland) collided with the Toyota car (Chinese assembled) proving it doesn’t have to be always be a Ferrari GTO or Bugati Veyron to achieve a spectacular smash after a fatal crash like this.

Imagine the speed the flimsy bodied 121 Toyota Corolla was travelling at to overturn a sturdy Indian Ashok Leyland steel lorry. Whatever happened to the Toyota car passengers is anyone’s guess!

Then there is the following crash which allegedly took place in Cairo Egypt, the driver was travelling at an estimated speed of 65-70 kilometers per hour when he lost control at a curve. The car went and hit an electric lamp post and instantly split in half! Looks like Toyota “forgot” to include a passenger cabin safety steel frame feature when they manufactured their corolla’s.

The following is a Toyota Corolla involved in a crash in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The picture explains what happens and tells the entire story. The front collision (impact) is quite normal for any mid-sized sedan, but the passenger frame collapse above the windshield (folded like paper sheet) is quite “unacceptable”.

The following is a YouTube video of a Toyota CAMRY crash from Dubai UAE. It is not a Corolla but it IS still a Toyota!

Author: ecloudy

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