Day: February 2, 2014

“Too much Boobs” gets Muslim show host Gözde Kansu fired

Gözde Kansu, one of Turkey’s most popular female TV presenters, apparently showed “too much boobs” live on air. As she is a Muslim, she cannot do so and so they had to sack her. – Hüseyin Çelik, a spokesperson for the country’s socially conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) complained. The AKP, which was founded […]

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Why did religion not spread in the Arctic?

Take a good look at the above map and think for a while. Now tell me you don’t find it a little disturbing. Tell me that how religion, which each and every single one of them claims to be “universal”, does not look so universal. If God wanted us to belong a certain religion than […]

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