Heaven may just be an “imagination”

Imagine you are imagining heaven in your head. What comes to your mind? a peaceful place? a beautiful place? a place full of virgins? Well through out human history “death” has been a very difficult thing to deal with. Death is the end of everything, everything here on Earth at least. It is “The End” from which no one can return from. Even I as a human being fear death the most. Because my brain has been wired to fear death – to stay alive as long as possible.

Death has both scared and mystified human beings since the beginning of Creations. Everything that is living dies. Humans came up with the idea of heaven to comfort themselves from fear of death. Why do I say such a thing? Simple – if heaven was real then we would have been getting some pictures or ideas about heaven (from heaven) just like we do so when we have not been to a new country – but we know it exists.

But a heaven is no country. All the major religion of the world (except Buddhism and Hinduism) have an idea of heaven after death. That heaven is an exact copy or a pretty picture of the planet Earth before Global Warming and pollution’s. Much greener and a more peaceful place with no wild animals or evil snakes of course! – and certainly no sense of guilt.

Here is the problem – if heaven is a place like Earth but with no animals then heaven cannot have trees or grass, since life evolves only if an “Eco-System” is present on a planet. Otherwise the planet is dead (like Mars).

Heaven is a place where human beings will be resurrected, but we all know humans are being buried here on Earth. Now how humans are going to be resurrected and transported to another planet called heaven bearing only their naked bodies (after resurrection) is beyond me.

Heaven is also a place where human beings will have the form of a human being of Earth but only they will not urinate or defecate as it would spoil the purity of Heaven with foulness. But the same human beings will be able to eat non-stop at one’s heart delight!

Heaven is a place where men will get beautiful virgins – yet when men will mate or have sex with them whole day long without making the virgins pregnant. The pleasures of sex were meant for procreation and reproduction. Human beings get pleasure from sex because it ensures the continuity of the species and stops us from getting extinct.

Heaven is a place where one will speak no specific language. If human beings are not speaking any kind of specific language and only having sex with virgins while over-eating – would it not make a human being no better than a very dumb animal?

If heaven is not intellectually challenging (no religion has stated this till date) than what is the meaning of living an eternal life? Sex is not the only thing that stimulates the sensations. Color, light, problems and coming up with solutions are also “blissful pleasures” for the brain. But it seems that the heaven imagined by our forefathers cannot throw a good challenge to the resurrected cerebral!

Maybe it is high time to re-imagine “heaven” – again.

Author: ecloudy

I live in the United States, meditate, do Zen and help people find meaning to present day religious conflicts. Read my opinions (on religion) to find out how I changed my thoughts on life, religion and God - sharing my knowledge and life experiences with you, now doing so living in a country which destiny chose for me.