e-cloudy monthly traffic crashes NAMECHEAP hosting servers

e-cloudy received such huge traffic this September 2014 that it finally crashed the entire Namecheap shared hosting server. The traffic hit a maximum of 49k in 20 days into the month of September alone. Namecheap had to “ban” the domain server in order to cope with the mammoth traffic surges.

The hosting company asked e-cloudy to upgrade to a more expensive server in order to facilitate the massive traffic but e-cloudy had to decline as it is more of a personal blog instead of a corporate website company.

Hopefully e-cloudy will grow into a full fledged dot com company in the very near future. For now this personal hosting will have to do – also readers may find some of the articles missing entirely. That is because when Namecheap blocked the  domain name it had to shut down the hosting server as well.

The entire Database of e-cloudy was “wiped off” in an instant. But recovery is on it’s was with the help of Microsoft BING cache systems. Very soon the entire e-cloudy article Database will be restored in full.

Till that happens e-cloudy apologizes for any inconveniences caused to our regular readers!

Author: ecloudy

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