Muslim Show Host Slapped in Public for Indecent Exposure

The finale of a popular Indian music reality show ended with quite a bang and a slap – literally. A male member of the audience (later identified as a Muslim) taunted and teased the female Muslim host Gauhar Khan and slapped her on stage.

The actress, who was wearing quite a revealing outfit (for Indian standards) for the finale of the show. The actress had not anticipated the reactions it drew from the Muslim portion of the crowd.

The last years Indian Bigg Boss 7 winner lost her track while defending herself and matters quickly spiraled out of control which made the Muslim man come over to the stage and slap the reality star.


Reports have it that fellow contestant Jeffery Iqbal stepped in and took it upon himself to avenge the insult and ended up physically abusing Gauhar’s offender.

The police have since gotten involved and detained 24 year old Akil Malik for the misconduct. Malik, on his part, continues to insist that Gauhar’s choice of clothing is disrespectful for the entire Muslim community of India.

“Being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress,” the Mumbai police quoted Malik as saying by way of explanation.

Malik was arrested and charged with molestation under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code.

Author: ecloudy

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