The 1975 Sexploitation “Supervixens”

Supervixens is a 1975 sexploitation film by American filmmaker Russ Meyer. The cast features Meyer regulars Charles Napier, Uschi Digard, and Haji. The film also features Shari Eubank (in a dual role) in one of her only two film roles ever and Christy Hartburg in her only film role ever.

A man falsely accused of killing his wife encounters one busty babe after another until he meets a super siren.

THE END – RUSS MEYER – SUPERVIXENS 1975 by this-is-the-end

As a groundbreaker cultural revolutionaire, Meyer was ever watchful for adding sly remarks about American Society. Especially insightful are these:

Meyer makes the cartoonish nature of the film explicit towards the end, when Harry’s impending death is preceded by the “Beep-beep!” sound of the Roadrunner, which always introduces imminent disaster for Wile E. Coyote in the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon series. The antagonist breaks the Fourth Wall between the fictional world and the audience with a facial gesture showing he is resigned to his fate.

As a humorous sidenote, in the end credits of the film the names of all participants have been changed either partially (Uschi Bristol instead of Digard) or completely (Brown Pants, C. Unt). Shari Eubank is credited as ‘Shari Sheridan’.

As a combat photographer in World War II, Russ Meyer made many friends and acquaintances in Europe. Meyer used running jokes and recurring themes in many of his films which were unique to the veteran’s sense of humor. In Supervixens, these include the use of German marching tunes and Nazi references. Actor Henry Rowland appears as Martin Bormann, who was Adolf Hitler’s personal secretary, rumored to have escaped Allied justice for decades and the subject of many “sightings”. The Bormann character refers to SuperAngel as the Führer.

Bruce Springsteen mentions this movie in the chorus of his song ‘Pilgrim in the temple of love’.

Garbage included a song called “Supervixen” on their debut album.

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