Month: May 2015

Sunny Leone Sued for Obscenity in India

Canadian Porn Star turned Bollywood (India) actress Sunny Leone visited the cyber crime cell of the Indian Thane (Jail) Police Station to record a statement in an obscenity case filed earlier this month by a Mumbai based mother of two sons housewife, reports Indian local channel NDTV. Inspector Jagdish Sawant of the CCU (cyber crime unit) […]

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Third Blogger Butchered in Bangladesh

It’s all over the international news yet again, a third secular blogger butchered in Sylhet City, Bangladesh. Smashed and slashed deep in the skull with a Chinese made machete, spilling Ananta’s brain matter onto the ground, spelling an instant death. Four men chased the blogger, Ananta Bijoy Dash, age 30 – through streets near his home in the northeastern city of […]

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Woman Sucks her own Breast Milk to Survive

A New Zealand woman had to drink her own breast milk and bury herself in the dirt to survive in rugged wilderness after she got lost in a forest south of Wellington. Susan O’Brien was taking part in a gruelling 12 mile run in the forest when she took a wrong turn and became disorientated. […]

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