Woman Sucks her own Breast Milk to Survive

A New Zealand woman had to drink her own breast milk and bury herself in the dirt to survive in rugged wilderness after she got lost in a forest south of Wellington.

Susan O’Brien was taking part in a gruelling 12 mile run in the forest when she took a wrong turn and became disorientated.

The 29-year-old said she was convinced she was going to die during a night of rain and high winds, spending the time dressed in only light running gear, O’Brien said she dug out a hole in the forest ground to keep warm and fed herself with her own breast milk.

“I just kept chucking dirt on top of me and every time I heard something I’d just scream ‘help’,” she told reporters after a helicopter fitted with heat-detecting sensors finally found her after 36 hours.

“One thing that helped me, I’m breastfeeding my baby, so I had a bit of my own milk to suck on to help me keep going for energy and body heat generated from the sexual act upon myself.”

O’Brien had an emotional reunion with husband, son and eight-month-old daughter before being taken to the local hospital for a health check-up.

Author: ecloudy

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