12 yr old boy dies after his asshole gets pumped by tire pressure machine in Bangladesh

“He stripped the boy naked, pushed a mechanical tyre pumper into his rectum and forced air into the body. Several parts of Rakib’s body, including the abdomen, swelled at the time,” – Khulna Sadar Police Station OC Sukumar Biswas stated.

Rakib Hawladar’s former co-workers inserted a high-pressure air pump nozzle into his rectum and filled the body with air at a motorcycle repair shop, police said.

The boy left the garage recently and started working at another garage near PTI intersection, much to the annoyance of Mia.

The horrific assault happened in the city of Khulna, Bangladesh.

Locals caught the repair shop owner  named Sharif, his uncle Mintu Mia and his mother Beauty Begum. Locals flogged them and then beat them up before turning them over to the local police.

Sukumar Biswas said Rakib, son of Md Alam from Central Road, was a worker at the garage.

Mia called him to the garage on Monday night when he was walking past the repair shop, the police officer Biswas said. When Rakib fell ill and was vomiting feces from his mouth, Mia and Sharif tried to let the excess air pressure out of the boys body by pumping his stomach, but that in turn ruptured his internal organs. Panic sticken they took the boy to a nearby private clinic then.

“His intestines were torn apart and lungs burst by the abnormally high pressure of air that filled his body. He died from multiple organ failure,” the doctors at the clinic stated to the local authorities.

On July 8th in Sylhet city of Bangladesh another young boy was beaten to death by metal rods. The murderers posted the video on a social networking site, triggering a nation-wide social and media outrage.

Author: ecloudy

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