Modern Day Life-Style and Dying early

Life has changed a lot in the last century (about a 100 years). Mankind have developed a lot of new things that have gone through a lot of industrial and tech revolutions. The advancement of technology has contributed immensely to the changes that took place in modern day mankind’s everyday life-style including his health.

Before this advancement humans would walk on their own two feet to get around places that were both near and far distance wise. He had no mode of automated transportation system of the modern day & vitamin supplemental pills – to help him get to his destinations. So he would walk on his feet which in turn would get his body the much needed exercise for it to stay fit as a horse.

High calorie sugary food items were non-existent whilst people did not get obese easily. Of course they had horse-carts with horses to help them get around – but that too required body stamina to both ride & be ridden on.

In the last 70 years man had gotten too dependent on all forms of automated modes of transportation and in doing so has lost his will to exercise (as his body was designed to do so) as it was meant to do so. No longer do we need to work out a sweat to get to places! With the invention of the segway it looks like humans are not too keen on walking short distances any more.

All this “inactivity” is leading the human body to a premature health condition which in turn results in very early death. Human life span have actually ‘shortened’ quite drastically as a result. All that is because people got a lot lazy in not moving their asses as much as they should be – so we constantly hear of unnatural deaths almost everyday in the media today.

Unnatural modes of automated transportation system coupled with urban planning has led human beings to believe that walking or exercising is NOT compulsory and can be done in a leisurely manner in the morning or evening walks with a dog! Even that is not regular sometime and depends on the situation he or she is in at any given moment.

In the future the modes of transport commuting vehicles needs to focus on the development and maintenance of the human body. The “work-out program” to stay fit needs to be made compulsory on a daily basis. So the design of future transports needs to include somehow the need for physical commuting such as an automated bi-cycle peddled car! – perhaps?

Author: ecloudy

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