Tech Fail : The Windows Phone I Hate

Last year I was having a bad year, and to make matters worst I had a very small budget to buy a new “smartphone”. Then I found a NOKIA 520 (Windows Phone) for $75 on ebay, I was super happy. I was specially excited about the new Microsoft technology CORTANA. A voice activated app that response to your stupid questions – most of the time.

My happiness was very short lived though. I soon found out that Windows Phones are not app friendly and app developers are not at all interested in the Windows App environment, so the app marketplace for the Windows phone were all but empty, exceptional were the rather useless apps which phone users do not need at all.


At that time Windows phone was pretty new in the market, so I thought I would wait it out for useful apps to show up in the Windows marketplace. Fourteen months went by and still no bank app, bo utility app and no real smartphone friendly useful apps. Heck the stupid Windows phone do not even support Chromecast (Google) features.

What a useless waste of my time and money. The entire time I was with the NOKIA 520 Windows phone I was in severe pain psychologically. Microsoft made and has tons of money yet they cannot achieve a simple Phone OS environment – atleast not the right way.

I have switched to an Android device and I am very Happy now. I feel like my life is much better then it was now that I have a Google phone with all the apps and more than I need. I am enjoying every moment with my BLU LIFE XL Android phone and I will never ever go back to Windows phone ever again! not unless I want to torture myself to madness and insanity.


Author: ecloudy

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