Ejaculating “Inside” Artificially is Healthier

The male penis is designed to penetrate the female vagina and ejaculate inside the vagina not outside. The prostrate muscles are what a male have to help them ejaculate, if the muscle’s do not sense an enclosure at the tip of the penis then the prostrate muscles try to retract and in turn damages it’s own muscle tissue.

Male masturbation using the hand only does not provide the necessary enclosure for the penis tip which makes the prostrate muscles work overtime and the penis tip very sensitive after each masturbation attempts.

A penis which ejaculates in an enclosure is almost always left with a feeling of complete satisfaction as compare to masturbating with the hand and letting semen fly off into the air. That time the penis senses a failed attempt at impregnating the opposite sex and tries to retract its semen preservation but ultimately fails resulting in the damage of the muscle tissues of the prostrate and it’s glands.

Prostate muscle are damaged significantly over-time when ejaculation happens without the tip of the penis covered or concealed.

The solution for unmarried or single men is to utilize the use of a male sex toy (artificial vagina) and make it a habit of coming inside the apparatus instead of rubbing the penis with bare hands.

There are several sex toy’s available online, the following are a few links :

And for those of you who are on a budget and rather go for a home-made discreet & affordable one here is how-to video on making one yourself using nothing but everyday household items from the dollar store.

Author: ecloudy

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