Saudi lady captured in the wake of tweeting photograph of herself without a hijab

On Monday, police in the nation’s capital of Riyadh said they had captured the lady, taking after their obligation to screen “infringement of general ethics”, a representative, Fawaz al-Maiman said. The lady, who is in her 20s, was detained after she had posted the tweet of herself remaining by a prevalent Riyadh bistro, he said. He additionally blamed her for “talking transparently about precluded relations” with random men.

No Hijab!

The Saudi lady was going out for breakfast when she chose to create an impression. Disregarding the nation’s ethical codes, she allegedly ventured out in broad daylight wearing a flower dress, dark coat and lower leg boots — yet without wearing a hijab or abaya.

Before the end of last month, she tweeted a photograph of her outfit, and the post flowed through Saudi Arabia, drawing demise dangers and requests to detain or even execute the lady.

“Riyadh police stretch that the activity of this lady damages the laws connected in this nation,” Maiman said, asking the general population to “hold fast to the lessons of Islam”.

The representative did not name the lady, but rather various sites recognized her as Malak al-Shehri, whose tweet drew universal support on Twitter and Facebook two weeks prior. Some alluded to her as the “Saudi Rosa Parks”, contrasting her with the American social liberties lobbyist who was captured for declining to surrender her transport seat to a white traveler.

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