13 year old Bangladeshi School Girl Burnt Alive for Mobile Phone

A 13 year old Bangladeshi school girl named Aziza Khatun was burnt alive after allegations of stealing her Aunty’s mobile phone were found out to be true. Beauty Begum, the paternal aunt of Aziza, accused Aziza of stealing a mobile phone, which disappeared from her house eight days ago, according to local witnesses. It was later found to be in the possession of the accused girl.

Aziza, a schoolgirl, was set on fire by her aunt over the allegation of stealing her mobile phone in Shibpur upazila of Narsingdi of Dhaka Bangladesh.

An adolescent girl was allegedly burnt to death in Shibpur upazila of Narshingdi over stealing a mobile phone of her aunt.

She was a class-V (grade 5) student of Khainkut Government Primary School and the daughter of Abdus Sattar of Khainkut village Narsingdi. Her lifeless body was taken to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College (with 96 percent burn injuries) where upon reaching the hospital – the Resident Doctor Partha Sankar declared here dead.

Aunty Beauty along with her four associates picked up Aziza around 9 in the evening when she was alone in her home, stated the victim’s mother Josna Begum.

They took her to a nearby place and set her on fire by pouring petrol (gasoline). The gruesome video footage of the incident can actually be found circulating on the internet. It has been alleged that the uncle (husband of the aunty) of the victim had filmed the harrowing act and posted it on the internet!

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