Windows 10 tips, tricks, & suggestions

Since its inception, Windows 10 has included a number of user experience features that provide useful tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows, as well as app suggestions from the Microsoft Store.

These features are designed to help people get the most out of their Windows 10 experience by, for example, sharing new features, providing more details on the features they use, or sharing content available in the Microsoft Store. Examples of such user experiences include:

Windows Spotlight on the lock screen.
Daily updated images on the lock screen that can include additional facts and tips in “hotspots” that are revealed on hover.

Start menu app suggestions.
App suggestions in Start that recommend productivity tool or utilities from the Microsoft Store.

Additional apps on Start.
Additional apps pre-installed on the Start screen which can enhance the user’s experience.

Windows tips.
Contextual tips that appear based on specific user actions to reveal related Windows features or help users complete a scenario.

Microsoft account notifications.
For users who have a connected Microsoft account, toast notifications about their account like parental control notifications or subscription expiration.

Options available to manage Windows 10 tips and tricks and Microsoft Store suggestions

Windows 10 edition Disable Show Microsoft apps only Show Microsoft and popular third-party apps
Windows 10 Pro No Yes Yes (default)
Windows 10 Enterprise Yes Yes Yes (default)
Windows 10 Pro Education Yes (default) Yes No (setting cannot be changed)
Windows 10 Education Yes (default) Yes No (setting cannot be changed)

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