Month: December 2018

Yaba Grips Bangladesh in a Chokehold

IT’S now a national crisis. The influx of deadly yaba appears to have gone beyond control despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to contain it. In 2006, only the rich kids were using the colorful pills, known as yaba, when they first began circulating in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital. Today, yaba is everywhere. – Yaba […]

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Buddhist Monk Eaten Alive by Leopard while Meditating like Buddha in Forest

A Buddhist monk who have been meditating, in a forest (like Gautama Buddha) for almost 48 days, in the Indian state of Maharashtra has been eaten alive by a single adult male leopard, officials of that Indian state has stated. Rahul Walke (the now dead monk) had been attached to a Buddhist temple which is […]

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Bangladesh Shuts Down 58 Online News Websites

Bangladesh’s telecoms regulator located in Dhaka has ‘shut down’ 58 online news portals, citing security reasons, as officials scrutinise hundreds of sites before a parliamentary election this month. The move comes as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is already facing criticism for introducing laws that many journalists fear are aimed at curbing press freedom. The […]

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