Month: April 2019

Tattoo Artist end up in Jail after Tattooing Bangladeshi Girls Ass

A tattoo artist from Dhaka Bangladesh has been arrested and thrown in jail without trail or conviction by a court for violating the countries Information Technology Act Law when he tattooed a local Bangladeshi girls ass with a butterfly and posted the video footage on his Facebook page. – The above post has since gone […]

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Bangladeshi Girl Burnt Alive after Complaining about Attempted Rape

Nusrat Rafi, 18, who studied at the Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrassa in the Chittagong division of southeastern Bangladesh, was attacked and beaten by a group of male students clad in black burkas at the school’s rooftop premise and then set on fire after being doused with kerosene. Her hands and feet’s were tied down […]

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