Tattoo Artist end up in Jail after Tattooing Bangladeshi Girls Ass

A tattoo artist from Dhaka Bangladesh has been arrested and thrown in jail without trail or conviction by a court for violating the countries Information Technology Act Law when he tattooed a local Bangladeshi girls ass with a butterfly and posted the video footage on his Facebook page.

The above post has since gone viral with over 10 million views and counting.

Cyber Security & Crime Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested accused Tariqul Islam Badshah (aka Badshah Tattoo) from Dhaka New Market area on Tuesday afternoon.

The DMP seized Badshah’s mobile phone, laptop and also blocked his Facebook page. His tattoo parlor shop has since been shut down and his possessions seized by the local police forces.

The DMP sources stated that Badshah recently uploaded a video of him drawing a tattoo on a half naked girl and then slapping the girls ass several times while smiling and saying “tattoo on a nice ass, very nice ass.”- that video has since gone viral on various local social media. That in turn violates the local ICT laws that prohibits local Bangladeshi’s from uploading any kind of semi-naked / naked picture or videos of girls or any type of pornographic materials.

A case has been filed against him under the countries recently formed ICT Act which permits local law enforcers to put him behind bars for two years without trail or convictions.

Author: ecloudy

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