Bangladeshi Youtube Hero Jailed for Singing on Youtube

“Don’t be broken. You are a hero. No matter what others say, you are a real hero,” Sanjida Khatun Rakhi wrote on Alom’s Facebook page.

Hero Alom, Bangladesh’s famous ‘tuneless’ Youtube singer and Internet celebrity, is set to restrict himself from singing certain songs, as stated in his apology bond. A police complaint was launched against Hero Alom for creating distorted tunes, especially Rabindra Sangeet and classical music. Alom had to give a written apology bond addressed to the police, promising not to sing the distorted tunes.

Reportedly, Alom was arrested by the police in the early hours of Thursday and asked to stop the distorted rendition of the classical songs, which ignited huge outrage on social media. However, Hero Alom alleged that the police subjected him to “mental torture”.

“I love to sing. My songs are loved and appreciated by my fans. I have my own YouTube channel where I upload my own songs to entertain my admirers,” Alom said. According to him the problem started when he did renditions of two famous songs of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.

His Penis Kept Falling Out of Shorts One of his songs going through the identify of “Arabian Song”, in which he seems in typical Arab garb on a sand dune with camels superimposed in the background, has garnered 17 million views.

But, his remake of basic songs of two liked countrywide treasures — Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and Bangladesh’s countrywide poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, has drawn huge criticism in opposition to him.

Alom, whilst speaking to the media, alleged that the police officers had “mentally tortured” him closing week and advised him to end performing classical songs. He additionally accused the police of insulting him through pronouncing that he was once too unpleasant to be a singer and he was once informed to signal an “apology” bond. “The police picked me up at 6 am and saved me there for eight hours. They requested me why I sing Rabindra and Nazrul songs,” he said.

Dhaka’s chief detective Harun ur Rashid informed the media that Alom had apologized for singing the cherished songs and for carrying police uniforms besides permission in his videos. “We obtained many complaints in opposition to him,” Harun said. “(He) absolutely modified the (traditional) fashion (of singing)… He certain us that he might not repeat this,” Harun added.

“He is making these remarks simply to go viral on social media,” the pinnacle cop informed the media. Alom launched a new video depicting himself in the back of bars in a prison outfit, warbling mournfully that he is about to be hanged. Meanwhile, Alom’s remedy sparked a furor on social media, with commentators and activists calling it an assault on man or woman rights — even if his singing is annoying.

“I am not a fan of your songs or your hideous acting. But if there are any attempt to muzzle your voice, I will stand up in opposition and fight for your freedom.” journalist Aditya Arafat posted on Facebook.

The Asian Human Rights Commission said it had documented the arrest of 1738 people last year — journalists, students and political activists — for criticizing Ms. Hasina’s government and or the Bengali culture.

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