Tech Fail

WordPress needs to get its act together

WordPress needs to get its act together… Okay, so e-cloudy database and WordPress website collapsed. This time it collapsed bad. Nothing remained of the two year old database of around 230mb worth of data. No recovery process worked and this time it was gone for good. Some regular e-cloudy visitors may notice that some of […]

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Tech Fail : When Bicycles Runs the Fastest

Dhaka city , where the bicycle rides the fastest. I live in a city where the population is around 12 million and growing.The population is growing at 4 percent annually, the fastest growing rate in the world. That said the number of vehicles plying the city roads are near about 8 million.The city has only […]

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Insect Spy Drones in Production

An insect spy drone is already in production according to various internet sources. This robotic insect can be controlled from a great distance and is equipped with a camera and a built-in microphone. It has the capability to fly remotely and land on your skin, like a real mosquito, and use it’s super-micron sized needle to take […]

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