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Why Apple has an Ego problem

Why Apple has an Ego problem Apple has a big ego problem. Why I say that? Simply put when Apple launched the iPhone Samsung had no problem copying the design,technology and looks and making...

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Why Siri is she?

Scientific studies have proved that people find a woman’s voice more pleasing and freindly than a man’s.Siri the new iPhone 4s app answers questions in a part-human, part-robot voice that’s deep, briskly efficient and...

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iOS 7 – Apple trying hard 0

iOS 7 – Apple trying hard

I admit I am a bit late. Having spent nearly a month in a place where internet connectivity is not always available, I had some catching up to do once the I was back...

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How Apple Lost It’s “Cool Factor”

When I was kind (of 8 years old) I remember my dad (a computer engineer of the 80′s) and a friend of his partnered together to be the sole distributor of Apple Computers in...

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iPad and the Third World

The iPad in a third World country. I am an iPad owner in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nation on the face of the Earth after Rwanda and Nigeria.When Steve Jobs envisioned...

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