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Microsoft and Apple Chuffed Over 12 Million Office for iPad Downloads

Last week saw the launch of Office for iPad, a suite of long-awaited productivity apps that offer faithful recreations of the more robust versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on Apple’s tablet. All three apps are free to download, and give users…

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Leaked Apple “Schematics” Point to Super-Thin iPhone 6 Air

There are no shortage of iPhone 6 mock-ups floating around on the Internet. If you want an idea as to what Apple’s next handset will look like, it won’t take you long to see some of the different ideas freelance designers have had. But some newly…

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iOS 8 Details and Leaked Images Point to Greater iCloud Integration

This must be the week for iOS 8 leaks: a new report out of 9to5Mac suggests that Apple’s in-development iOS 8 will offer greater integration of the company’s iCloud file storage system. The move comes in response to developer complaints that the…

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Why Apple has an Ego problem

Why Apple has an Ego problem Apple has a big ego problem. Why I say that? Simply put when Apple launched the iPhone Samsung had no problem copying the design,technology and looks and making...

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Why Siri is she?

Scientific studies have proved that people find a woman’s voice more pleasing and freindly than a man’s.Siri the new iPhone 4s app answers questions in a part-human, part-robot voice that’s deep, briskly efficient and...

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iOS 7 – Apple trying hard 0

iOS 7 – Apple trying hard

I admit I am a bit late. Having spent nearly a month in a place where internet connectivity is not always available, I had some catching up to do once the I was back...

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How Apple Lost It’s “Cool Factor”

When I was kind (of 8 years old) I remember my dad (a computer engineer of the 80′s) and a friend of his partnered together to be the sole distributor of Apple Computers in...

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iPad and the Third World

The iPad in a third World country. I am an iPad owner in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nation on the face of the Earth after Rwanda and Nigeria.When Steve Jobs envisioned...

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