How Apple Lost It’s “Cool Factor”

When I was kind (of 8 years old) I remember my dad (a computer engineer of the 80’s) and a friend of his partnered together to be the sole distributor of Apple Computers in Bangladesh. That was the time Steve Jobs was a young lad and just launched his innovation called “Personal Computer”.


The Apple logo as I recall had rainbow strips on it and my dad got lots of stickers. So I as a kid used that rainbow sticker and stuck them where ever I could.There was also a sticker that said “I

That time as a kid I really thought Apple was “cool”. Steve Jobs was “cool”.

Then I grew up, and I started seeing Windows machine everywhere. Apple was nowhere to be found.I graduated on a Windows machine, then I went to work as a Computer Instructor in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia early 2000. That was the time I met Apple iMac’s, Apple was “cool” again. I also found out Steve Jobs was back in Apple. That was the time I also the information that he was actually literally kicked-out from his own company and that he returned after two decade. The two decades that I was seeing Windows machine.

Even the iMac mouse was cool.

So began the Apple cool age – again, with Steve Jobs innovative ideas.One after the other cool gadgets named iPod,iPhone & iPad started to come out of Apple one after the other.

I was like, wow! , wooo! and cool man!….then suddenly Steve Jobs died. I knew instantly I had to look into Windows machines “again”.

Coolness of Apple died with Steve, and I don’t feel like writing about Tim Cook.

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