Why Apple has an Ego Problem

Apple has an Ego problem…

Apple has a big ego problem. Why I say that? Simply put when Apple launched the iPhone (2007) – Samsung had no problem copying the design, concept, technology plus the looks and making their very own clone of iPhone version. Samsung has no “ego” problem and innovates regardless of what people (consumers) think about the Korean based company.


Samsung copied the iPhone design and evolved it into a new innovation accordingly. The screen size of the original iPhone went bigger on the newer Samsung’s. But the screen size on the latest iPhone refuses to grow bigger. Even when everyone knows that bigger is most definitely better.

But Apple wants to waste more time, innovation & investments which in turn shows it’s ego problem to the entire technology driven world – which in turn is letting its fans (iPhone buyers) NOT get value for their money. But for how long will Apple fool it’s consumers into believing that the human thumb size actually decides the size of the smartphone screen?

Apple iPhone has become the Emperor who has new clothes all the time – except it is only not visible to “fools”. Yes the analogy has been adapted from children fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where very clever tailors (Apple marketing agents) fooled the Emperor and it’s entire kingdom by convincing everybody that whom so ever cannot see the Emperor’s new clothes is only a fool. So in order to not appear foolish no one admitted that the Emperor was actually naked (like the new iPhone’s after Steve Jobs demise) until a small boy (Android phones) pointed out that he had no new clothes (new innovations on the phones) on at all!

But that day is coming soon when the entire Apple fan club will suddenly wake up and realize that they have been had “BIG TIME”.

Author: ecloudy

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